Connect with your subconscious mind, and Higher Self through guided exercises and raise your awareness to answer those all-important life questions.

Intuitive soul coaching is an experience that’s open to anyone seeking guidance with their personal life, and deeper insight to the issues around humanity as a collective.


Through guided exercises you can gain access to the soul plane and the all-knowing field of awareness, which contains an energetic pattern of all souls who have passed over, and those still on the earth plane. This powerful process can be used to communicate with other souls for guidance, comfort and reassurance.


The field also contains the energetic pattern of events of the past, present and potential future, with information related to any of area of life including work, health, business, family, relationships and spiritual development.

How does it work?

I will guide you into a relaxed state of being using hypnosis to help you access your unconscious mind and then proceed with the soul communication.  


How to prepare for the session?

Bring at least 6-8 questions to the session, along with an open mind and heart. After a short 15 minutes interview I will determine whether the process is suitable for you needs.