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I am an Energy Therapist, Intuitive Soul Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Physic Medium and Channel, I work with Ascended Masters, and Extra Dimensional beings, to bring you insight, healing and guidance to help you on your journey.  


I’ve always been naturally creative and intuitive, as a young child I could sense other people’s thoughts and feelings.  I could also see and sense things outside of the 3rd dimensional field of reality.


As a teenager I read many books on spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics, while immersing myself in art as channel to express my experience.  Later in life, while working in the arts and entertainment business, I began to build my career as a change agent and facilitator. 

I embarked upon a deeper journey of self-discovery, this led me to explore and train in a number of different psycho-spiritual and therapeutic approaches. These include Energy Therapy, NLP, Shamanism and Hypnotherapy. 


I've recently completed CPD's (Continual Personal Development)  in 'Between Life Therapy' 'SRT (Sprit Release Therapy)' 'Advanced Regression' and 'Hypno- Constellation.' All the practices I offer are ones which have helped me on my own path of awakening, healing and alchemy. 

Tekome is the name of my spirit guide and guardian, it is of west African origin and translates as ‘I am enough’ or ‘I am sufficient’ With awareness and access to your multi-dimensional self, it becomes easier to release the energetic forms and subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in limitation.

We are going through a massive planetary shift at the moment, which is bringing to light a lot of collective and personal trauma. Now it’s more important than ever to understand the nature of free will, to become the best version of yourself and access your ability to co create your own reality.  

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