bespoke sessions

Private sessions are structured according to each client’s specific goals and needs. Using a number of different modalities including Hypnotherapy, Light Language, Energy Healing, Intuitive Soul Coaching, Guided Meditation, and Systemic & Family constellation. I will provide guidance and support to help move you into a more positive state of being.

We’ll quickly get to the root cause of these, and work to alchemize them for good. I will guide you on a journey to tap into the inner resources you need to attain lasting balance, wellness and self-confidence. Sessions can take place in person in the UK, in London NW5, or via videocall using WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.

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Financial Abundance & Freedom


The unconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and it dictates most of your behaviour. Many people consciously seek success and abundance, unaware of their attachment to cultural, and unconscious limiting beliefs.  


Using Light Language, Hypnosis, NLP, Soul Coaching and Quantum Healing, I will help you to remove limiting beliefs, heal ancestral stories, increase your self-worth and align with the best version of you.  I’ll guide you in the process of clarifying your goals, while helping you uncover the steps needed to move you forward.

The package includes X5 – Tekome Alchemy sessions (75 minutes), X3 Hypnosis MP3 recordings and frequency art. Price: 350GBP. During the sessions you can also explore:


  • Finding your life Purpose

  • Building a heart centred business

  • Gaining the confidence to charge more

  • Magnetizing clients/customers to your business

  • Earning passive income 

  • Creating a new story around money

Transform Your Relationships


This package is for anyone looking to move away from disappointing, frustrating and toxic relationships, into something more loving, fulfilling, conscious and harmonious.  Having a better relationship starts with the self, and changing the environment of your inner world.


Using Soul Coaching, Systemic Constellation, and hypnosis I will guide you on a journey to uncover the origin of core wounds, and repetitive patterns, within your subconscious and your family system.  Well use Energy Therapy and Quantum Healing to remove limitations, and align you with a compatible partner.


The package includes X7 – Tekome Alchemy sessions (75 minutes), X2 Hypnosis MP3 recordings and frequency art. Price: 495GBP During the sessions you can also explore:


• Healing past relationships

• Opening the heart centre

• Self-love & Acceptance

• Defining what you really need

• Help with your online dating profile


Soul Alignment & Alchemy


This package is for anyone looking to deepen their connection to source, bringing the alignment of the physical body, conscious mind, soul and higher self, allowing you to expand your awareness to reconnect with the multi-dimensional self. 


Using Light Language, Hypnosis, Soul Coaching and Quantum Healing, I will take you on a journey to retrieve and integrate fragmented parts of the soul, to activate your DNA and light codes to align with to the original 12 strand helix. 

The package includes X5 – Tekome Alchemy sessions (75 minutes), x2 hypnosis recordings & frequency art.  Price: 350GBP During the sessions you can also explore:


  • Activating your Light Body

  • Your Soul/Life Purpose

  • Connecting to your Galactic family

  • Rewriting your Soul Contract

  • Intuitive Development

Want to work with me?


I offer new clients a FREE no obligation 20 minute consultations, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can decide if it's right for us to work together.

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Duration & price of sessions

30 Minutes session     40 GBP 

60 Minutes session     70 GBP

75 Minutes session     80 GBP

90 Minutes session     90 GBP

2 Hours session          130 GBP

Starry Sky


"I have tried to connect to Light Language a few times… Yesterday I had a bespoke session with Andrew and I received epic visuals in my minds-eye… I felt l was pulsing and radiating light in rays 360 outwards, at the same time receiving information, processing and calling back soul fragments. When directed to get let go of old programs I felt my lower back first and then my whole back opening showing a black void merging into the cosmos. I felt my energy was expanded, lighter and clearer". – Natalie

“I just wanted to tell you that since our last session my life has changed dramatically. I don't know exactly how this has happened, but I'm sure that the blocks I had when I went to see you have started to dissolve." - Christine


Over the last six months I have met a lot of amazing men. I have been on many dates and also have met them in different places, without having to make an effort. I feel different around men, more attractive and feminine, and I have noticed that they see me. It is a different kind of energy, difficult to explain."  - Miriam


“I’ve had about 15 sessions with Andrew over the last 3 years and every time I have a session with him, my life seems to move a lot quicker in the direction I desire. I cried a lot, there was a lot of realisation and release. Now I feel I am in a place I could not have been in as quickly as I have managed to get to had it not been for the session with Andrew. I have recommended Andrew to numerous friends and family members over the years and they have really benefitted from his sessions as well.” - Pinar


“Andrew is a really incredible guy. I saw him for a psychic reading following recommendations from two of my friends. We were all amazed by how accurate his readings were and how lovely he was, and I thought that he gave me some very useful things to think about. I have since seen him for two hypnotherapy sessions in which we focused on tackling some issues from my past that we had come up during our first meeting. I felt like something had shifted in me after each of these sessions, and I am now feeling more confident in general. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone, I think he has an innate ability to heal people and seems know how to tailor various methods to suit individuals requirements.” - Jackie

“I wanted to let you know that I came across a note that I made from one of our 1-1 sessions a few years back. A number of the goals have been realised although not in the way that I had envisaged. It was confirmation that visualisation and all the work we did paid off.” - Patricia


"I have never done any hypnotherapy before, but I wanted to address a deeply emotional issue that was affecting my life for years. I only had one session so far, I was apprehensive before the session, but I felt very safe in the environment Andrew created. The session was very moving, I found myself crying a lot, releasing negative energy. After the session I felt more confident and happier than before. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and specifically Andrew’s services, he has the most amazing soothing voice as well." - Csille


“ I had several personal one to one sessions with Andrew to resolve the inner blocks I had to marriage. That was last year around October. It definitely set me on a path in which my subconscious led me down the relevant path to my goal. I carried on Andrew's work by way of my own meditations and in February this year I met the man who was to become my husband.... within a month we were married in a religious ceremony and legally in June! I feel incredibly blessed and am very happy. I am very grateful to Andrew and his work which assisted me in tapping into my subconscious.”  - Rebecca

"I've had several successful hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew before, this time I wanted to address my flying phobia before a long flight to Australia. During the session Andrew guided me to uncover a couple of events, which I would never have thought of as a cause. During the session I felt relaxed and safe, Andrew has a very calming voice which puts you at ease. At the end of the session I felt very light and relaxed, I imagined myself flying on a plane without any negative reaction. I was given an MP3 recording with the session to listen to after. I did 2 long haul flights 2 weeks later without any fuss at all. I would highly recommend" - Alicia