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Psychic Readings


I've always been a naturally gifted intuitive person, although I didn’t start using my psychic gifts till the mid 2000’s. I refined this ability attending classes and workshops at the College of Psychic Studies and SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain).

The process involves the me entering a semi trance-like state, while opening channels to receive extra sensory perception. Insight can be gained through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (sensing).

The readings can be used to gain deeper insight into your life, from a view of the past, present and potential future. I can sense the origin of any blockages, limiting decisions, and recurring frustrations. I can provide practical insight to help move you forward, and bring greater clarity from a karmic and soul perspective. 

I’m both a psychic and a medium which means I can provide messages of upliftment from your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. I also have the ability to read the Akashic Records to gain insight into global events, and how this relates to humanity as a collective.  

Psychic readings and mediumship bring

awareness to:

  • Hidden dynamic in relationships

  • Health diagnosis

  • Work & career

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Past Life Karma

Duration & price of sessions

30 Minutes session     40 GBP 

60 Minutes session     70 GBP

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