Recent positive psychology models of human well-being continue to stress the significance of relationships to our sense of happiness.


Lack of chemistry, opportunities or constantly attracting the 'wrong' type can cause a lot of frustration. And lead questions around why is this happening? 


Current relationship stories are often attached to historical memories, which create an unconscious template for recurring patterns to repeat themselves. 

Some examples of recurring patterns include:

- The co – dependency pattern

- The angry parent - rebellious child pattern

- The friend - zone pattern

- The dominant – Submissive

- The ghost – clinger  



These memories are often attached to fear, shame, guilt and other emotional spikes, that linger in your unconscious mind and energy field. This can be an influence on the personality type you are drawn to. Some examples of personality types include the unavailable, the abusive, the player, the narcissist etc...


Working with me

Many people come to see me after having months and even years of relationship counselling or coaching and finding there’s still something lacking and missing.


My approach is successful because it combines practical guidance with deep unconscious exploration and transformation, using coaching, hypnotherapy, family constellation and energy therapy. 



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I will guide you to unearth any limiting beliefs, triggering memories, patterns in your family system, and any other unconscious influence blocking your success.

We’ll be drawing on resources from inner archetypes, the quantum field, parallel and future versions of you to generate self-love, confidence and long-lasting success. As a client you’ll receive hypnosis MP3’s and other downloads to aid your progress outside of the sessions.

Lightbulb Love Letters

I can help you with:

- Removing emotional attachments

   to ex partners

- Healing past relationships

- Opening the heart centre 

- Creating healthy boundaries

- Dealing with divorce

- Balancing the masculine & feminine

   (anima & animus)

- Sexual Dysfunction

- Becoming a love magnet

- Attracting a new partner

- Super confidence in dating

Starry Sky


Over the last six months I have met a lot of amazing men. I have been on many dates and also have met them in different places, without having to make an effort. I feel different around men, more attractive and feminine, and I have noticed that they see me. It is a different kind of energy, difficult to explain."  



"Since I attended your workshop, I have been stopped by a gentleman on the street because he thought I was stunning and wanted to know more about me. I have for the first time told my ex that I finished my journey with him. It was nice being on the giving end. He started initiating contact a day after the workshop. On Thursday I had a date with a young man who previously I wouldn't have thought is out of my league. He is smitten still and looking forward to the second date. Thanks again.”



“I went to the energetic cord cutting meet up that Andrew held on Sunday and it was amazing. The group was lovely and I enjoyed the whole experience very much. I definitely felt a big difference afterwards, which was great as I'd been trying to facilitate this change by myself for ages without much success. I've been to another of Andrew's meet up's before and had a reading and each time has been so beneficial. I highly recommend.”




“ I had several personal one to one sessions with Andrew to resolve the inner blocks I had to marriage. That was last year around October. It definitely set me on a path in which my subconscious led me down the relevant path to my goal. I carried on Andrew's work by way of my own meditations and in February this year I met the man who was to become my husband.... within a month we were married in a religious ceremony and legally in June! I feel incredibly blessed and am very happy. I am very grateful to Andrew and his work which assisted me in tapping into my subconscious.” 



"I'm glad to say that I'm happily out and about dating once again. What's interesting is that I'm finding the men who I'm attracted to are seeing me and approaching me, this wasn't the case in recent years. The sessions definetly helped me to shift the weight of my own self sabotage and angst.  


Do you want better relationships NOW?


Want to work with me?


I offer new clients a FREE no obligation Skype consultation, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can decide if it's right for us to work together.

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