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Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression is a form of hypnotherapy used to explore the subconscious mind, for the purpose of recovering memories of a previous existence. Central to this is the notion of reincarnation, and the idea that the soul travels form one life time to the next, and is reincarnated in a new body each time.

The Law of Karma is often linked to past lives and reincarnation, the law teaches us that our thoughts, words and actions begin a change of cause and effect (as ripples on the water) and that we will, at some time, experience the effects of everything we put out.

Reincarnation and karma can explain why we have certain behavioural patterns, and phobias, for example:

  • Fear of water, could be the result of drowning in a previous life.

  • An overweight man starved to death in a past life.

  • A woman, who died in a desert sandstorm when she was a nomad in her last life, now has an unusual fear of wind.

Past life regression can also help us to understand our relationships and reactions to certain people. Characters from your previous life can also show up in your current life, often in the same or different role, for example:

Your boss in the current life could have been your dad in a previous life.

Your daughter could have been your mother in a past existence.

Your partner in this life could have been an enemy in a previous life.


It’s important to understand that Karma does not translate as “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” And it is NOT a form of punishment for past sins from God, the universe or any other force outside of oneself.  We have free will to create new karma and dissolve the old at any point in our lives.

When it comes to reincarnation and karma, our reactions are just as important as the actions or events themselves.  For example, if you have a past life experience where your money has been lost or taken from you, you may react by unconsciously believing ‘I don’t deserve money’ This thought form will stay in your unconscious mind and emotional body, and when you reincarnate you will re-enact this theme around scarcity and money.

Why work with me?

Not only will I safely guide you to recover a past life experience, I will help you uncover any limiting beliefs, thought forms, blockages, and physical pain that arose from it. I will then assist you in removing these blockages, from your subconscious mind and energy field for good.

The process can be useful for:  

  • Acknowledging key life lessons

  • Healing chronic illness

  • Uncovering hidden gifts & talents 

  • Discover a past life with your soul mate/twin flame

  • Understanding déjà vu experiences


2hrs  £250

3hrs  £330

Get In Touch!


I offer FREE 30 minute, no obligation discovery calls, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can see if I can provide the right support for you.

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