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Light Language


Light Language is a form of multi-dimensional communication, often expressed through the movement of the hands and sometimes the whole body, accompanied by speech, chanting and singing. 


It can be channelled through art and written forms as symbols, shapes and letters reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphs. Many light languages are Earth in origin, others come from the Angelic and Celestial realms.


The languages bypass the rational and analytical mind, and speak directly to soul and subconscious. They contain light codes that heal on a deep cellular level, while restoring balance to the physical, energetic body and also your auric field.  


During a light language transmission, you can experience, tingling, spontaneous body movements, extra-sensory sounds and images, emotional release, past life remembrance. Light Language is useful for:

  • Healing blocks & trauma

  • Light Body Activation

  • DNA healing and activation    

  • Aligning the chakras

  • Manifestation


1 hr     £150.00

0.5hr  £80.00

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