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Psychic Surgery


Psychic Surgery is a very powerful form of non-invasive healing, which can dramatically transform minor and major physical health issues. It involves the healer entering a trance-like state, to become a psychic channel for their guides, and a spirit team of surgeons to work through them. 


The process bridges the gap between energy therapy and medical surgery, part of the process can be likened to quantum healing, angelic healing and other modalities. The healing is done on the client’s energy body or aura, which contains a number of layers, with the etheric body being the closest to the physical body.


Psychic Surgery works through the intention, focus and direction of energy, to restore a healthy flow of life force through the meridians and chakras. Work can then be done to repair energetic imprints within the etheric body, this transformation is then mirrored in the physical body.


Sometimes this change can be seen or felt instantly, or in a very short space of time, depending on depth of the issue and a number of other related circumstances.  The process can be seen as ‘complimentary’ therapy or ‘alternative.’


The process can be useful for:   


  • Removing etheric Implants

  • Healing Damage Cells

  • Alchemizing physical diseases  

  • Removing Curses

  • Releasing spirit attachments


1hr      £150.00

1.5hr  £240.00 

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I offer FREE 30 minute, no obligation discovery calls, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can see if I can provide the right support for you.

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